Success stories

"With CYGNUS, we are certain that our field collaborators receive their payments on time, without having to verify every step of the process."

"As entrepreneurs, we are confident that through CYGNUS, our employees will be receiving their payroll on time, as they are a serious and legally responsible company"

We are very grateful for the support, personal service and attention of the entire CYGNUS team.

“Cygnus is a prominent constellation in the northern sky”... While CYGNUS is our prominent partner for all the work we do south of the border.

"With Cygnus Group we are certain that labor obligations are covered; workers, unions and government agencies receive payments on time and proper way. Beyond good customer service, Cygnus Group gives us peace of mind."

“Cygnus make it very easy for us to do business in Mexico….All our dealings have been extremely thorough and professional.”

We are an authorized Specialized Services provider in Mexico

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